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Our development team has over a decade of experience in native mobile app development and AR/VR technologies. We treat our clients' needs as a priority, so their satisfaction is our achievement.

The Appentum story

Appentum's foundations were laid in 2011 by a team of university students with the goal of representing the highest professional standards of technological innovation available and emerging in the world, both domestically and internationally. We were the first in Hungary to exploit the popularity of AR and VR technologies, which were unknown to the market at the time, and the team was constantly expanding with interested trainees. They have now become senior developers, sticking with Appentum.

Founding of Appentum, with the best of the University of Győr
R&D certification and XR technology development
R&D certification and XR technology development
We have officially become a supplier to the defence industry
SAAB - We have officially become a supplier to the defence industry
Szechenyi University
Széchenyi István University Credit Centre
Asian Defence and Security conference
Defence and Security 2025 - Representing Hungary
Successful projects
Unsatisfied Clients

International expansion

The aim of Appentum is to seek international partners and build subsidiaries representing Hungary's eXtended Reality knowledge base.
Appentum Gmbh subsidiary
Swiss Tomato exclusive agency partner
ARworks, Merlin
Qualisoft, Cheppers

Things we are really proud of

As part of our work, we've tried our luck in many areas, and in over a decade of experience, we've created many successful products and satisfied customers. Our pioneering services have put us in a leading position in many areas, and our development team, with its unique expertise in Hungary, is ready to conquer new areas.
our team

Our team

A low turnover, career-enhancing environment
our qualifications

Our qualifications

Military supplier, ISO certified
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