March 3, 2023
Augmented Reality (AR I MR)

HOLOFIRE - Life-like firefighting in virtual reality

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Zoltán Szaniszló

Fire safety education in augmented reality - a realistic experience with a unique XR solution

HOLOFIRE is in its 15th year of development by Appentum's development team and EHS experts, and is a mixed reality simulation fire training course that teaches real fire extinguisher handling and PASS techniques. Thanks to its simplicity and complete customisability, it can be used in a wide variety of situations and locations, from industrial sites to office buildings and even the world of recreation rooms. Thanks to the Mixed Reality technology and the simulation device, fires can be lit and extinguished in a realistic simulation without causing any material damage. We have tried to make the scenarios as realistic as possible, for example, HOLOFIRE knows that different types of fire (electrical, chemical, etc.) behave differently, have different smoke, and therefore require different extinguishing techniques.

The realistic simulation we use is unconstrained because we can see through the glasses and project different fires onto a real environment. This means we don't have to worry about terrain obstructions either, because we can see everything, which we call collision-free.

Finally, it's "hassle-free" because the device works on its own, with just the push of a button to start the system.

Another advantage of HOLOFIRE is its sustainability, because our simulation solution does not require the emission of fire extinguishing agents - so we get a truly green technology for hands-on training, without any running costs. It is also safer than other solutions for similar reasons, because fires are projected onto the real environment. This allows you to practice situations in your own environment, yet safely. Thanks to the editor, you can even "furnish" an entire office building with virtual fires. The combination of a real firefighting tool and projected content provides an experience that gives real, hands-on knowledge and outstanding learning value. A not insignificant aspect is the administrative outsourcing, as the system installed on your premises or at your customers' premises will track compliance with the annual legal obligation. As part of this process, it notifies employees, schedulestraining and the necessary exams.

HOLOFIRE is an easy-to-use, stand-alone training solution with customisable fire safety scenarios and a comprehensive information system to help you meet the legal requirements.

The real firefighting tool provides an accurate training experience and can be purchased directly from our company in a customised configuration together with the other contents of the package (including a special "MR" goggle, software, information system and digital training and examination materials).

Our HOLOFIRE product is available in several packages. You can choose between a license-only package and a tablet support package if you only need the tablet version. In this case, we support our customers with free advice and updates for 1 year, as well as access to the editor and the information system. If you already have glasses or would like to purchase them independently, we offer a combined licence package with the fire extinguisher, in which case you only need to renew the licence annually. Our combined package with glasses and firefighting equipment also requires annual renewal of the licence.

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