September 3, 2023
Smart City

Why is the marketing campaign accompanying the introduction of the Smart City app so important?

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Zoltán Szaniszló

The process of digitalisation of cities and districts can be both beneficial and challenging for municipal leaders.

One of the key elements for a successful implementation of the Smart City mobile app is the marketing campaign leading up to the release of the app. In the following, I present the key reasons why a communication strategy designed specifically for the successful roll-out of the Smart City app is essential:

Increase awareness: the Smart City launch campaign will help to raise awareness of the new app amongst the local population. Without proper promotion, prospective users might not even know about the existence of the application, while effective marketing will help ensure that the Smart City mobile app is on the radar of residents.

Creating interest: a well-designed communication campaign will attract the interest of the local population and inform them about the features and benefits of the app. It is particularly important to inform residents about how it solves their problems or satisfies other needs, such as making administration simpler and quicker. By stimulating interest, you can create a sense of curiosity and anticipation for the Smart City app, which will lead to more app downloads.

Generating buzz. Ongoing and multi-dimensional communication about the app can then become a topic for discussions in playgrounds and doctor's offices, spreading the word about the mobile app even further.

Boosting the number of downloads: the aim of all smart city projects is to make digital administration accessible to as many citizens as possible and to maximise the number of users of new services. Therefore, one of the main aspects of the campaign accompanying the launch is to raise the number of downloads of the app and, consequently, to increase the willingness of the public to use the app. Without the application, the discounts or functions that facilitate administration will remain unused, which is not in the interest of the residents or the municipal administration.

Establishing the brand identity of the "Modern City": the introduction of the app is an occasion to reinforce or consolidate the brand of your city in the twenty-first century. It can also convey the values of your city through your marketing campaign, which will help to establish deeper connections with residents.

It can distinguish you from other cities or, alternatively, not leave you behind them. In fact, many cities have already deployed mobile apps, amd while the quality of these varies, the majority of cities have not even reached this stage. Most people do not have access to smart city apps yet. With the use of effective marketing, you can highlight why it is better to do local affairs online.

Educate residents: new services often require a certain level of education to ensure that residents understand how they work and why they should consider using them. Promotional materials, such as videos, blog posts and social media content, can offer valuable information and answers to potential questions or concerns.

Collecting feedback: the launch campaign can also be used to collect feedback from early adopters, who tend to be the first to try new things. This feedback can be invaluable for improving the product and fine-tuning the marketing strategy.

Measurement: the marketing campaign provides a framework for measuring the success of the app launch. Metrics such as website traffic, conversion rates, social media interactions and downloads can be tracked to evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts and make any necessary adjustments.

Long-term success. It can build a user base, lead to consistent use and word of-mouth recommendations. The explicit aim of any urban digitalisation development is to shift the population towards online ways of doing business in a sustainable way. Lasting success is therefore an essential criterion for a successful campaign.

In conclusion, a well-designed marketing campaign is essential for the successful launch of the Smart City mobile app. It plays a critical role in creating awareness, generating interest in the app, increasing the number of downloads and building a modern brand for the municipality. Without effective marketing, even the most innovative and valuable services can go unnoticed by potential users. This is why we have created a communication plan as a dedicated service for the launch of the Smart City app, which we will customise and even implement in cooperation with the municipality concerned, as agreed.

Our company will therefore provide the following additional services for a successful launch of the Smart City app:

-Design and implementation of the municipality's online and offline campaign

-Creation of promotional content for the online and offline communication of the campaign and its content

-Management of the online advertising

-Involvement of city officials in the campaign

-Providing supplementary promotional elements for video material

-Sharing organisational good practices for introduction

-Planning events to engage the citizens