Azaum - Interactive Adventure Library

Ancient Reality Here and Now! The buildings of the ancient Azaum were destroyed by the Romans themselves in the 4th and 5th centuries AD, and their remains were covered by the industry of the last century. Replicating the architecture of Roman military camps and recreating the living conditions of the Romans, the Roman camp of Azaum is a fragment of ancient history brought to life.

In the Azaum - Interactive Adventure Library, visitors can experience the Roman world in a unique way in Hungary by becoming part of the discovery themselves.

Entering the domus, you can get a sense of the environment in which the Romans lived day by day, and in the imposing atrium you can also try on the treasured military masks worn during military parades. Touch-screen terminals situated here offer a wealth of information that can be tested in an interactive quiz.

A virtual reality Roman labyrinth is complemented by lifelike visuals and physical obstacles.

The virtual labyrinth takes you through parts of an ancient city, where you must find all the tiles to unlock the secrets of the Mask of Azaum.

The ARkhé Roman Camp is built on the ground using AR (Augmented Reality) technology:

in augmented reality, the legionaries would already be training to fight the barbarians attacking them, but they would also need to defend the fortress.

Manual dexterity and spatial vision are tested by the 3D shadow turner. By finding special

Roman shapes and answering quiz questions about the Roman world, a secret chamber holds hidden rewards for the most skillful players.

Computer terminals and exciting installations will reveal the appearance and military standard units of the mounted soldiers stationed in Azaum.