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ELI Mobile Application and Website

Appentum created the official ELI website and a mobile application for the client, incorporating augmented reality elements. The content of both is managed by ELI's administrators through a CMS system, also created by us, allowing the user to browse on the device most convenient for them.

What is ELI?

The Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) project is an integral part of the generation of large-scale research facilities being designed and built in Europe, brought together by the European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures (ESFRI). The ELI is the world's first facility that will allow the study of the interaction of light and matter at higher intensities than ever before, even in the so-called ultra-relativistic range.

The website

Development of the ELI website started in October 2017. Visitors to the website can register for the visitor centre, browse job vacancies or find out about upcoming workshops and conferences, among a wealth of information about ELI. In addition, the site also provides information on current and non current public procurement, tenders and published research results.

Mobile optimised website

A big advantage of responsive website development is that it is virtually independent of the visitor's device. So whether you're using a computer, tablet or even a phone, you can always change the layout of the site as conveniently as possible. This is how the ELI website was developed.

Mobile APP

In parallel with the website, an ELI mobile app was developed, which includes both the individual pages of the website and the complete website, so that the website can be conveniently browsed within the app.

In addition to the online interface, two important offline features have been added to the mobile application. One is a general information section on ELI and the other is an Augmented Reality menu. This augmented reality feature allows you to view a full 3D model of the building and even walk around it. This ideally requires a printed marker, which can be obtained free of charge from the app. In the absence of a marker, a view without one is also available, where you can view the same 3D model.

For a perfect view of AR, a more powerful phone or tablet is required.


Content is uploaded and managed through a Content Management System (CMS). Here, editors and administrators can manage news, publications, workshops, newsletters, etc. with specific rights, which are immediately displayed on the website accessible to the user.