Flavon Augmented

GéSz Gaál és Sziklás Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft.
Extended reality
Health, Food supplement
The popular dietary supplement brand wanted to find a new way to promote their products, and finally chose our AR solution combined with gamification.

The Flavon Group has grown from a family business to a professionally managed international company with several companies, its own manufacturing plant and offices, and an unchanged ownership and decision-making structure. Since its establishment, the Flavon Group has received numerous national and international awards for the success of its products, business model and operations. That is why we are proud to have been chosen to develop their mobile app, which includes AR solutions to promote their products.

The app uses built-in AR functionality to collect ingredients for Flavon's products in player form, for which you can then score points and compete against other players in a leaderboard. The app also includes a Showroom feature that allows you to learn more about a product in detail