HoloFire - Realistic firefighting

Extended Reality
Fire protection, Industry
Now in its 15th year of development by Appentum's development team and EHS experts, HOLOFIRE is a mixed reality simulation fire training course

Thanks to its simplicity and complete customisability, HOLOFIRE can be used in a wide range of situations and locations, from industry to office buildings and even the world of recreation rooms. Thanks to Mixed Reality technology and the simulation device, you can start and extinguish fires in a realistic simulation projected onto reality without causing any material damage. We have tried to make the scenarios as realistic as possible, for example, HOLOFIRE knows that different types of fire (electrical, chemical, etc.) behave differently, have different smoke, and therefore require different extinguishing techniques.

Another advantage of HOLOFIRE is its sustainability, because our simulation solution does not require any fire extinguishing agent emissions - so we get a truly green technology for hands-on training, without any operating costs. It is also safer than other solutions for similar reasons, because fires are projected onto the real environment. This allows you to practice situations in your own environment, yet safely.