House of Terror, Budapest 56 app

The mobile app guides you through a map of Budapest during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution to show you the main events of the uprising.

The mobile app uses gamification and augmented reality to bring the 1956 Hungarian Revolution to life for younger generations. Through a map of Budapest at the time, we can get to the most important sites of the revolutionary events, such as the Hungarian Radio, Bem Square, Baross Square, Corvin köz, the Kilian Barracks, Blaha Lujza Square or Móricz Zsigmond Square. Photos taken during the struggle for freedom will be projected onto the current street scene using augmented reality, and tasks related to the revolution will also be projected onto the real street scene. These include sculpture casting, throwing Molotov cocktails at tanks, making flags and much more. A virtual freedom fighter will also help with these. In addition to the exercises, videos from the period, interviews with freedom fighters and educational articles with photos from 1956 will help us to better understand the events of the revolution.