Novartis Labor

Virtual Reality
Pharmaceutical industry, Swiss Tomato
Virtual operating theatre for healthcare professionals

As an internationally renowned pharmaceutical company, Novartis is at the forefront of clinical research and the development of innovative treatments. This is why they have become interested in the potential of virtual reality, and Appentum, through Swiss Tomato, has provided them with professional assistance. The VR platform developed for Novartis provides healthcare professionals, such as doctors, with information on the company's latest advances, all in an informative and entertaining way to achieve the best user experience.

The development

Novartis' virtual reality (VR) platform demonstrates the mechanism of action of new drugs in a virtual operating theatre in a highly realistic environment. Interactive elements of the platform provide users with additional information about how the human body works, making it easier for them to understand the mechanism of action of new treatment options. The platform also allows healthcare professionals to learn about Novartis products and services, such as surgical techniques, in a risk-free, controlled and immersive environment.


Thanks to the virtual reality technology developed by Appentum, Novartis successfully differentiates its brand from other pharmaceutical companies at medical conferences and other professional events. VR technology allows the company to present the practical aspects of its products and services to healthcare professionals in the most realistic way possible. The technology has also enabled Novartis to better visualise its products and services, while building closer relationships with its target audience.