OTP real estate sales platform

OTP Real Estate is one of the leading real estate companies in the country, and as such, it uses the latest technologies, such as the touch screen application we developed, to sell the apartments and houses in its portfolio at its Real Estate Points.

Visual appeal is essential for selling real estate. Appentum has developed several real estate projects in recent years and has the expertise and experience to implement the developments requested by OTP Real Estate. At the Real Estate Points, prospective buyers can view the houses and apartments offered by OTP in a realistic environment and with the exact equipment, thus speeding up the sales process, for example for apartments in housing estates that have not yet been completed. The software also provides an accurate representation of the neighbourhood, so that a precise knowledge of the services available nearby can further facilitate the buyer's decision. Buildings and apartments can be viewed inside and out using 3D models, and the relevant information is available in just 1-2 clicks.