Stereo Arcade

iOS, Android, iBeacon
Commissioned by the Dubai OMD, this app guides users through the Stereo Arcade entertainment complex at the Hilton Hotel, offering programmes at each venue - with instant table bookings.

A system of on-site beacons rewards visitors with free food and drink vouchers, based on an algorithm preset in the admin interface. The coupons are automatically displayed in the app.

News about Stereo Arcade will appear in the Community Wall menu - as a feed from the Arcade's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. The venue can also send push messages to users about new promotions. The club's most popular hits can be listened to under Pub and Club. Food and drinks consumed on the premises can be paid for cash-free via the app and hailing a taxi is just a click away. Boring minutes spent queuing or waiting for a taxi are made more colorful with a retro video game.