Application Development

Mobile apps at the touch of a button Appentum's main profile is native mobile app development, including the development of apps using augmented reality (XR) and virtual reality (VR). With decades of experience, Appentum is still a market leader in the domestic market with its augmented reality (AR) solutions.


In native mobile app development, a mobile app is designed and built to run in the native language and environment of the desired platform (such as iOS or Android). This ensures that the app takes full advantage of the device's operating system and hardware, resulting in faster, more reliable apps that are better suited to the user experience on the device.

Appentum's developments are used in a variety of industries on a daily basis, whether for events, campaigns or other objectives.

Our solutions for the automotive industry help automotive manufacturers and service providers to operate more efficiently and deliver a better customer experience.

In agriculture, we help farmers optimise production and make agricultural processes more efficient.

In education, we help educators and learners improve interactive learning experiences and educational processes with our apps.

We support local municipalities with solutions for more effective urban governance and more active citizen engagement.

In telecommunications, we help businesses communicate and manage customers more effectively.

In the insurance sector, we are developing solutions to improve the relationship between insurers and their customers and improve the process of administration.

Our lifestyle and wellbeing apps help people to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In Industry 4.0, we support companies in digitalisation and automation with advanced technologies such as apps using VR and XR.

We support event management in running events more efficiently and providing a better user experience for participants with solutions we develop.

In the press and media sector, our apps support information gathering, distribution and more effective content management.

In the games industry, our apps provide users with a fun and entertaining experience.

In healthcare, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, we support doctors and patients with solutions for medical treatments and diagnostics.

Our apps for public transport, traffic and parking help people get around more easily and smoothly

Our apps for museums, exhibitions and fairs provide visitors with a richer and more interactive experience.

Our solutions for the food and hospitality industry help restaurants and catering businesses to go online and serve their customers better.

In architecture and real estate, we support architects, contractors and the public to plan and execute construction, sales and renovation projects more efficiently with our solutions for the complete management of real estate.

Our applications in the luxury goods sector, such as watches and jewellery, support the digital presence and sales of luxury brands and stores.